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Digging Deep Into Data

posted Oct 10, 2014, 8:32 AM by Susannah Moran
Is your head still spinning from last Wednesday's Webinar on data? Don't worry, you can re-watch all or part of the webinar with our recording:  Digging Deep Into Data

Data might not be the most exciting or visual part of our pilot, but it is important to understand where the data comes from and what teachers and students can do with that data. Through our conversations we discussed the types of data available in myON and explored different ways to access this data. We also discussed various teaching and learning opportunities that are presented through close examination of the data. 

At the end of the webinar we looked at some of the special reports available for district and school administrators. These reports can be useful to see if your school is meeting targeted goals and objectives.

Some of the ways pilot schools shared that they use their data includes:
  • Using data to determine reading group students as the year goes on. - Lake Placid
  • Data analysis is essential for students in goal setting and motivating learners to excel - Wheatland-Chili
  • Usage/minutes as motivators and contests between classes - Gowanda
  • Set up groups to address student's needs - Elba
How will you use myON data to improve teaching and learning?