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Guided Highlighted Reading

posted Jan 20, 2015, 8:39 AM by Susannah Moran
Sorry for the delay in posting this recording. There were technical issues to fix.  Here is the recording to January 14th's webinar. If you missed the webinar, want to share it with your team, or just want to review some of the aspects we discussed, you can check out the recording.

November and December were huge reading months for myON. Students across the districts are reading more and spending more time reading than at any other time in this pilot. Let's all work together to keep up the momentum!
Just a reminder, in this phase of the pilot we are moving away from the technical "how to" of myON and digging much deeper into the pedagogy and implementation.  Many districts are encouraging their literacy team to participate in the webinars and/or watch the recordings after the fact.

This month's webinar is an extension of the text strategies we began to look at in December. The focus here is on a single type of text strategy that is extremely well suited for using our literacy toolkit and is easily utilized both in literacy instruction and in content curriculum.  

The strategy is based on the book Guided Highlighted Reading: A Close-reading Strategy for Navigating Complex Text by Barbara A Nelson, Cynthia Schofield, and Elaine M Weber.  [available as Book  or eBook]