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Making Connections: Families and Communities

posted Apr 16, 2015, 9:32 AM by Susannah Moran
This month we focused on various ways to promote family engagement and community involvement. 
If you missed the webinar, want to share it with your team, or just want to review some of the aspects we discussed, you can check out the recording.

In this webinar we discussed the impact of family engagement. Research shows that parental involvement in their child’s literacy practices is a more powerful force than other family background variables, such as social class, family size and level of parental education. Although parental involvement has the greatest effect in the early years, its importance to children’s educational and literacy outcomes continues into the teenage and even adult years

If you want to learn more about how family engagement and its impact on student's literacy, review the articles attached to this post:
  • Why It Is Important To Involve Parents In their Children's Literacy Development - Research Summary by Cristina Clark from National Literacy Trust, 2007
  • Making Time for Reading: Factors That Influence the Success of Multimedia Reading in the Home - by Grace Oakley & Jenny Jay from The Reading Teacher Vol 62, Issue 3, 2008
  • Seven Rules of Engagement: What's Most Important to Know About Motivation to Read by Linda B Gambrell from The Reading Teacher Vol 65, Issue 3, 2011
In addition, here are some helpful links from the webinar: