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Text Strategies with myON

posted Dec 11, 2014, 9:16 AM by Susannah Moran
Yesterday's webinar allowed us the opportunity to dig deep into multiple ways myON supports close reading of text and helping students build both reading strength and reading stamina. 

If you missed the webinar (there was a lot of snow in parts of NY yesterday), want to share it with your team, or just want to review some of the aspects we discussed, you can check out the recording!

We had a very rich discussion about best practices, and several participants shared what they are doing with myON in their district. 

Here are some additional resources for you:
  1. Guided Highlighted Reading: A Close-reading Strategy for Navigating Complex Text by Barbara A Nelson, Cynthia Schofield, and Elaine M Weber.  [available as Book  or eBook]
  2. Unlocking Close Reading by Linda Feaman and Nancy Gelderman [available as Book or eBook]
  3. "Close Reading" by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher. [available as PDF]
  4. "Close Reading in Elementary Schools" by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey [available as PDF]
You can also find selected screen shots from the PPT attached.
Susannah Moran,
Dec 11, 2014, 9:16 AM